Heavy industry

    Work such as welding, forging or machine operation requires very special workwear to help you feel safe at work. MASCOT offers a broad range of workwear and footwear for heavy industry.


    Safety, wear resistance and comfort are key factors in workwear for heavy industry. Workwear for this segment does not have many pockets or details, as these risk getting stuck in machinery. We offer workwear in lighter fabrics, which feel comfortable to wear when working indoors in warm temperatures or in proximity to large industrial machines. MASCOT offers a variety of fabric qualities for heavy industry. Each of them have their own special properties suitable for heavy industry. We offer workwear in 100% cotton, products in an attractive rough composition and a more classic twill-weave. The majority of MASCOT's products for heavy industry is also suitable for industrial washing.

    EN ISO 11611

    MASCOT also offers workwear certified according to EN ISO 11611. Workwear with this certification protects you during short periods of welding or similar processes with similar risks. Protective gear with the EN ISO 11611 certification protects you from sparks and brief contact with fire. It is important to wear protective gear for the head, hands and on the front of your clothing while welding as this type of work produces bigger sparks.

    Safety Shoes

    MASCOT also offers safety footwear for employees in heavy industry. We offer safety shoes and safety boots where the sole material has been specially developed for challenging environments and is heat-resistant up to 300° C of contact heat.