MASCOT's wide range includes workwear and footwear for farmers. You will find work trousers, Bib & Brace overalls, jumpers and thermal clothing in the range. As a farmer, most of your working day no doubt takes place outdoors. MASCOT provides clothing and footwear for all seasons.

    Clothing for farmers

    Farming puts demands on your workwear, which must be able to withstand the work you do in and around the stables. Equally, your workwear should feel comfortable to wear whatever your working position, which may constantly change. It is particularly important during seated tasks that you are not bothered by trousers which either feel tight or restrict your freedom of movement.

    Unlimited freedom of movement

    MASCOT offers a wide range of work trousers in ULTIMATE STRETCH, which are elastic in all directions. This gives you a unique freedom of movement and removes all worries about trousers feeling too tight. If you prefer work trousers in a fixed fabric, we provide trousers with stretch zones placed in those areas where extra flexibility is needed – such as the lower back and the area around the knees. These work trousers are the perfect choice if you spend many hours of your working day sitting in a tractor, combine harvester or other vehicle.

    Footwear for farming

    As a farmer, you can choose between different types of footwear from MASCOT's range, which includes PU rubber boots, clogs, safety shoes and sandals. Exactly what you should choose will depend on your work tasks and preferences. For example, you should consider whether the footwear will be worn in hot or cold conditions, or whether it needs to be waterproof. Whatever you choose, all MASCOT's footwear for farming is washable at 40 degrees, which prevents the spread of bacteria and ensures a high level of hygiene.

    Layer up in changeable weather

    As a farmer, you probably spend most of your working day outdoors. This puts demands on your clothing, which should neither be too cold nor too hot. MASCOT offers a large range of functional undergarments, T-shirts, and jumpers which are perfect for layering. When you dress in layers, you have ample opportunity to pull your clothes on and off depending on your activity levels. The inner layer should be moisture wicking so that you can get rid of sweat. The middle layer should be warm and insulating so you can keep warm. The outer layer should protect you from the elements.