MASCOT's selection of workwear includes a wide range of products suitable for forestry work skovarbejde. Clothing for forestry work needs to provide extreme comfort and maximum freedom of movement. You will find products in a choice of green colours, as well as hi-vis products if you need maximum visibility.

    Depending on what your job function is in the forest, you will have several requirements for your workwear. If you work close to or with large forestry machines, then hi-vis safety clothing is essential. However, if you work as a lumberjack with responsibility for planting and care of the forest, you will have more clothing options, as safety clothing is not always a requirement here.
    Whatever your job function, freedom of movement and optimum comfort are key. MASCOT produces workwear, safety workwear and safety footwear designed for forestry work.

    Full freedom of movement

    As a lumberjack, it is important that you are able to move about freely and safely. MASCOT offers a broad range of trousers and jackets in ULTIMATE STRETCH. The elastic fabric ensures optimum comfort while you work. The fabric is also lightweight and extremely wear resistant, making it ideal for working in forests. MASCOT's stretch trousers and jackets are available in many different colours, such as grass or moss green, perfect colours for forestry work.

    High breathability

    Whatever the job in hand, a lumberjack needs to be able to eliminate heat from the body. MASCOT offers a wide range of functional underwear with moisture wicking properties, which is particularly suitable for forestry work - both in cold and warm weather. Moisture wicking underpants and vests make an effective inner layer to keep the body dry. Our extensive selection of knitted tops, fleece jumpers and sweatshirts make effective middle layers, which keep you warm. For the outer layer, MASCOT's shell and winter jackets will protect you in all weathers while working in the forest.


    If you work in a forest close to traffic or railway tracks, your visibility is crucial. MASCOT offers a broad range of hi-vis clothing designed for forestry work. The clothing is equipped with the correct features and details to give you optimum comfort. Opt for certified safety clothing if you work in particularly exposed environments.