Workwear for forklift drivers

    As a forklift driver, your optimal workwear depends on the environment you work in. For example, your needs depend on whether you work in a warehouse, a port or in an airport. Your workwear and safety footwear requirements will also vary depending on whether you work indoors or outdoors. No matter what environment you work in, it is essential that your workwear feels comfortable on. MASCOT offers a broad range of workwear for forklift drivers.

    When working indoors

    As a forklift driver you will naturally spend much of your time sitting in your forklift truck. Therefore, it is particularly important that your workwear feels comfortable to wear in a seated position. Your workwear should be neither too tight or too loose. MASCOT's stretch trousers are the perfect choice of workwear trousers as they feel soft and comfortable on and easily follow the body's movements.
    Indoor forklift work does not require much from your workwear trousers, so a pair of MASCOT service trousers are ideal here. You can choose trousers with or without ultimate stretch fabric. A MASCOT T-shirt with short or long sleeves is an ideal top for forklift work. In cold warehouses or stores with changing temperatures, a light thermal jacket is an ideal garment to have with you. Workwear for forklift drivers must be simple, but must still meet some essential requirements.

    Clothing for outdoor forklift work

    Frequent outdoor work puts special demands on your workwear. In winter, you will need a work jacket that can keep you warm. As outdoor forklift work often involves working outside the driver's cabin, winter clothes and warm underwear are essential.

    Generally, workwear for forklift drivers who work outdoors should follow the seasons, which means the wardrobe should include a winter jacket, shorts, T-shirts, long underpants etc. In ports, building sites, airports and similar places, forklift drivers are often required to wear visible workwear. Opt for MASCOT's SAFE collections, which are certified according to EN ISO 20471, if you need to be visible.