Workwear for warehouse workers

    As a warehouse worker, it is not only important that your workwear suits your job function, it should also suit the temperature in the warehouse. MASCOT offers a selection of workwear for warehouse workers, designed for both your job function and warehouse temperatures.

    An optimum fit greatly improves your comfort

    The workwear's fit is also important. Workwear that is too tight is annoying, while clothing that is too loose stops you from doing your job. MASCOT's workwear for warehouse workers covers many different products in different fabric qualities, so you can choose based on your preferences. For example, we offer work trousers in 100% stretch fabric, which are fitted, but without feeling tight. The stretch fabric is lightweight and follows your movements, giving you unrivalled freedom of movement. You will also find lightweight work trousers with a high cotton content, particularly suitable for warm environments.

    Warm warehouse environment

    Working in a warm warehouse requires the right workwear. You should feel neither too hot or too cold, which makes layering the ideal clothing option for warehouse workers. MASCOT's workwear for warehouse workers includes functional underwear, T-shirts and tops that can function as inner, middle and outer layers respectively. When you dress in layers, it is easier to regulate your body temperature to suit the warehouse temperature and to suit your own activity level. If your job is more passive, you might need a fleece to keep your warm. On the other hand, if you walk around the warehouse with heavy pallets and boxes, a T-shirt will most likely be sufficient.

    Cool warehouse environment

    If you work in a cold store, where the environment is cold, it is essential that you are properly dressed. If you get cold, your body will use a lot of energy on keeping you warm. MASCOT's workwear for warehouse workers designed for a cool environment includes functional underwear, long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts and thermal underwear. A perfect composition of clothing for you to layer up in. Less physical work requires warmer clothing, while workwear for high levels of physical activity should lead heat away from the body.