MASCOT® FOOD & CARE is a complete range of clothing specially designed for both men and women. Common to this range is workwear that has a high level of comfort, plenty of freedom of movement, thanks to the 100% stretch fabric, and which is made of fabrics that tolerate industrial washing and drying. The range is targeted at the production sector, food industry and any other industries where optimum hygiene is essential.

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    Products made from 100% four-way stretch fabric

    MASCOT now offers specially designed clothing for an industry where well-fitting clothing was hard to come by. We developed this range with the aim of giving users optimum comfort. This is now possible by giving the industry the opportunity to wear the popular and thoroughly tested stretch fabric 511. Fabric 511 has been developed by MASCOT and is a fabric with a four-way stretch, allowing unrivalled freedom of movement without compromising durability.

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    Certified clothing

    The clothing in the MASCOT® FOOD & CARE range is also available in other fabric types without stretch, which are optimised for typical work positions and comfort for employees in the industry. All fabric qualities meet the industry's stringent requirements for industrial washability and durability, and these thoroughly tested MASCOT fabrics have long proven their worth in other industries.

    All clothing in the MASCOT® FOOD & CARE range has been specially designed for the food industry and for other industries where a high level of hygiene is key. That is why all the products in the range comply with the HACCP principles, and most products also comply with DIN 10524. All the products are prepared for industrial washing and for HF-chip and UHF-chip insertion.

    Zone classification - a variety of colour combinations

    Companies that need to classify employee groups into different zones can choose from tops with a choice of five different colour markings on the shoulder. The wide range of tops comes in both a neutral version with no shoulder marking, and a version with colours in a satellite-inspired net structure. There is a choice of four colours. The colours can be used to easily identify which department an employee belongs to, while allowing the clothing to still retain a uniform corporate look.

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    Unique size system

    Employees in large companies that use pool clothing can now easily find their clothing in the desired size and leg length. MASCOT has developed a unique size system in the MASCOT® FOOD & CARE range, where the sizes (and trouser leg lengths) are indicated by coloured stitching. Markings are located on the inside at the back of the neck on tops and on the outside in the lining on trousers, at both the left and right sides, so that they can be easily seen when the clothes are lying in piles.

    Mix and match with other ranges

    The colours in the MASCOT® FOOD & CARE range are known MASCOT colours. This makes it easy to mix and match the products with other ranges. For example, combine MASCOT®FOOD products with a wealth of tops from the MASCOT® CROSSOVER range; these products are also suitable for industrial washing and comply with the HACCP principles. MASCOT's range also includes safety footwear in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR and MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER ranges, which are washable at 40° C.