Working in shipping is a demanding job that puts major demands on your workwear. Loading and unloading ships naturally involves significant wear and tear on your clothing. MASCOT's range includes work trousers, work jackets, thermal clothing, rainwear, rubber boots and safety footwear, which are all perfectly suited for use within the shipping industry. The range also includes safety clothing, should your work as a docker or sailor require high visibility.

    Protect yourself from the cold, wind and rain.

    When containers and goods are waiting to be unloaded, the job has to be done no matter the weather. It is therefore essential that you are well dressed for the task. Cold and wind must be kept at bay, but it is equally important that you do not get too hot either. Dressing in layers is therefore ideal as you can remove the layers depending on the weather and your levels of activity. Are you a sailor on a fishing vessel or cargo ship, where you need to put on rainwear on a daily basis? MASCOT's products for shipping includes a range of rainwear that will keep you dry. You will also find rubber boots with and without safety features, which are suitable for work within shipping.

    Very durable clothing with few details

    Workwear for sailors and dockers generally has fewer pockets and features compared to other professions. This is to reduce the risk of garments catching on sharp edges when loading or unloading large shipping containers. Equally, the weight of the workwear is kept to a minimum, making it feel light to wear. Durability is paramount in workwear for sailors and dockers. This is workwear that can withstand constant use, no matter whether you are a sailor opening hatches and preparing to unload equipment and cranes, or a docker performing the actual loading and unloading itself.