Bricklayer clothes

    The work of a bricklayer places high demands on the wear resistance and fit of your workwear. Moreover, the clothes you wear often need to be white. MASCOT offers a wide assortment of workwear that is well suited to the bricklaying profession.

    Smart features

    MASCOT's clothing for bricklayers is equipped with smart details and features that will come in handy in your work. These include practical pockets and straps with plenty of space for your pencils, scraper, mobile and more. Many bricklayers prefer bib and brace overalls over trousers which is why our bib & brace overalls offer all of the same features. Our bib and brace overalls will cover your back in all kinds of work where a top and trousers might slide away from each other when you bend. Bib & brace overalls reduce the risk of your back becoming cold or exposed. Within MASCOT's assortment of workwear for bricklayers you will also find jackets with pockets and zips that are covered by an extra layer of fabric. This prevents mortar and dirt from getting into your zips or pockets.

    CORDURA® logo

    Durable products

    The work of a bricklayer calls for durable products that can withstand mortar stains and several hours of work in a kneeling position. That is why CORDURA® reinforcements on the knees are an essential part of MASCOT's selection of workwear for bricklayers. CORDURA® is seven times stronger than cotton and MASCOT uses it for reinforcement in those places where clothing frequently comes into contact with hands, tools or the floor; for example at the edges of pockets and on the knees.
    When you choose products with CORDURA®, you ensure that your workwear trousers and jackets will last longer.

    MASCOT's assortment of workwear for bricklayers includes durable work trousers made from 100% stretch.

    Focus on knee protection

    As a bricklayer, you will spend a lot of time working in a kneeling position. Adequate knee protection is therefore of the utmost importance. In MASCOT's assortment of workwear for bricklayers you will find workwear trousers, bib & brace overalls and 3/4 length trousers with room for kneepads.