Workwear for mechanics

    Working as a mechanic puts high demands on the workwear's fit and comfort. Optimum comfort and protection are essential. MASCOT offers a wide assortment of workwear for mechanics, adapted to suit the needs and demands of the trade.

    Optimum comfort

    As a mechanic, you spend your day working in many different positions. It is therefore essential that your workwear feels neither too tight or restrictive, whether you are standing, squatting down or working under a lift. MASCOT's workwear for mechanics includes work trousers in ULTIMATE STRETCH – an elastic fabric that smoothly follows the body's movements and ensures optimum freedom of movement. This fabric type is also extremely durable.

    Protection against drafts

    As a mechanic, you can often be exposed to drafts if the workshop door is open most of the day. A bib & brace overall can provide excellent protection against drafts, as the extra back panel keeps your lower back shielded from the cold. It also eliminates the issue of clothing separating on your lower back, as is often the risk when wearing trousers and a T-shirt.

    Protect your knees 

    Kneepads are also an essential part of a mechanic's workwear. Mechanics spend a lot of time working on their knees, and a pair of kneepads are essential for protecting the knees. In addition to kneepads, MASCOT's workwear for mechanics also includes accessories such as belts, caps and neck warmers.