Flame Retardent Clothing

    Do you work in an environment in which you are exposed to heat or sparks? Then have a look at MASCOT’s selection of flame retardant workwear and safety workwear. At MASCOT, you can find workwear approved in accordance with the certifications EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 14116. Choosing our flame retardant workwear gives you optimum protection especially adapted to your profession and work.

    Protection adapted to your trade

    If you work as a welder, a blacksmith, an electrician, an engineer, an offshore worker or an industrial worker, you are periodically exposed to hazardously high heat, sparks or electricity. In order to protect yourself in the best way possible, it is essential that you wear the right workwear. At MASCOT, you can find a selection of flame retardant workwear, which protects you from radiant heat, flames, sparks, steam and hot materials, among other things. Flame retardant workwear and safety workwear that are certified in accordance with EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 14116 reduce the risk of the workwear igniting from brief exposures to heat and flames. In case of prolonged exposure to heat, additional protection must be used, and we recommend using special protection of your head, hands, feet and other exposed areas.

    Innovative materials keep you safe

    MASCOT’s selection of flame retardant workwear is manufactured in materials that are specially designed to protect you from hazards, such as heat and flames. The choice of fabric quality as well as thread and logo print ensure that the risk of flame spread is minimised. A large part of the products is also anti-static and acid-resistant. The products are certified to maintain the flame retardant properties through up to 75 household washings or 50 industrial washings. All pockets and details on MASCOT’s flame retardant workwear are closed and secured so that sparks cannot enter. This means that you do not need to compromise with either functionality or comfort when you choose flame retardant workwear or safety workwear from MASCOT.