Workwear for road workers

    Road work requires maximum visibility. Working close to traffic involves a risk of being run over. So your visibility is essential. MASCOT offers a broad range of workwear for road workers, which is approved according to EN ISO 20471. It includes hi-vis trousers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tops and jackets.

    As a road worker, you are exposed when working on a trafficked road. MASCOT's workwear designed for road workers ensures you feel safe and can focus on your job. As well as being visible, you also need freedom of movement in your clothing, and you need to ensure you get neither too hot or too cold. In mild spring weather, a short or long-sleeved T-shirt is the ideal choice, while colder months require a middle layer and a winter jacket. However, be mindful of the safety class, which is determined by which type of road work you do, such as proximity to traffic, the speed of the vehicles around you and the duration of the work.

    Co-certification of MASCOT products

    MASCOT's range of workwear for road workers allows you to co-certify your hi-vis products. For example, by combining two individual products with EN ISO 20471 you can achieve class-3 certification for the whole set. The table below shows you how to put together a class-2 or class-3 set.

      Jacket/Jumper - Drawing T-shirt/Gilet - Drawing
    Hi-Vis Group A Hi-Vis Group B Hi-Vis Group C
    Trousers - Drawing Hi-Vis Group Y EN ISO 20471 - class 3 EN ISO 20471 - class 3 EN ISO 20471 - class 3
    Hi-Vis Group Z EN ISO 20471 - class 3 EN ISO 20471 - class 2 EN ISO 20471 - class 2
    Shorts/¾ length trousers - Drawing Hi-Vis Group X EN ISO 20471 - class 3 EN ISO 20471 - class 3 EN ISO 20471 - class 2

    *) Bib & Braces can be combined into a certified class 2 or 3 as long as the upper body garment is worn over the bib. If the T-shirt or top is worn under the bib, then it is the class of the Bib & Brace alone that determines the total class.

    Dirty workwear reduces your visibility

    As a road worker, it is essential that your workwear is clean. Dirty reflectors reduce visibility and thereby also your safety. So always follow the washing and care instructions in your workwear.