Workwear for roofers

    If you are to perform your best as a roofer, you will need workwear that can keep you warm and dry, but without restricting your freedom of movement at the same time. MASCOT’s clothing products for roofers are for anyone who wants functional workwear of the highest quality that are suitable for work in all kinds of weather conditions.

    Layer up

    Our range of workwear for roofers includes products that can keep you warm and dry – no matter the season. For your innermost layer, you should choose a moisture-wicking and functional under garment that will lead moisture away from your body. As your middle layer, choose a fleece or knitted garment with warm and insulating properties to keep you toasty on colder days, while your outer layer should be a jacket that will protect you against the wind and rain.

    Optimal protection in all kinds of weather: layer up

    Trousers with and without holster pockets

    Our workwear trousers for roofers feature many good details such as functional pockets for all your most important tools. Knee protection is paramount when working in a kneeling position. That is why many of our workwear trousers come with kneepad pockets, so that you can insert kneepads that meet your needs.

    You can choose workwear trousers both with and without holster pockets. And if you select trousers with our unique Click Pocket System, then you can even choose between different holster pockets that have all been developed with your needs in focus. Holster pockets with the Click Pocket System can be moved across trousers, 3/4-length trousers and shorts, so you can quickly adapt when the temperature shifts. And if they get in the way when you are working on a roof, you can move them off to the side or even round the back. Holster pockets with the Click Pocket System are sold separately.

    Workwear with flame-retardant properties

    As a roofer, you are also at risk of exposure to fire and flames when burning roof felt and performing similar tasks. That is why our range of workwear for roofers also includes flame-retardant clothing.

    Take a look at our selection of flame-retardant clothes