Workwear for blacksmiths

    As a blacksmith, you are no doubt in need of durable workwear that can offer protection against sparks. MASCOT offers a wide assortment of products aimed at the blacksmith profession including everything from workwear trousers, bib and brace overalls and boilersuits through to T-shirts and jackets.

    Clothing that cuts the mustard

    When working in a workshop where your workwear will be exposed to sparks, not all clothing types will be up to the task. It is essential that both your arms and legs are covered and that the material can withstand contact with high temperatures and even flames. MASCOT's selection of workwear for blacksmiths includes workwear certified in accordance with EN ISO 11612 with a material composition that protects against heat and flames. And with your safety in check, you will be free to concentrate more closely on your work. You will also find workwear certified in accordance with EN ISO 14116 which protects against short-term contact with sparks.

    Breathable materials

    Safety is paramount within the blacksmith profession which means that flame-retardant clothing is an absolute must no matter the season. This puts high demands on the breathability of your workwear. Within MASCOT's assortment of blacksmith clothing you will find a wide variety of trousers and tops made from 100% cotton. Natural materials are highly absorbent which means that your body can easily breathe and dispel excess heat. Cotton is also soft which makes it extra comfortable to wear.

    Blacksmith clothing you can really move in

    Safety is crucial but fit is also very important when it comes to your comfort. MASCOT's workwear for blacksmiths has been designed with movement in mind. You can rest assured that our clothing offers ample space for stretching after tools and you can kneel down without having your movements restricted.