Welding workwear for occasional welding

    As a welder, it is essential that you are dressed safely for your job, so that sparks and embers do not penetrate the fabric and make holes in your workwear. This page features a wide selection of premium quality welding clothes for occasional welding from MASCOT. The selection includes work trousers, boilersuits, shirts and footwear.

    Optimum fabric composition

    The fabric composition in your welding clothing greatly affects how easy it is for sparks and embers to penetrate the fabric. Embers can create tiny holes in the fabric, which may seem invisible, but which will appear as red marks on your arms. A robust fabric is therefore essential in the welding trade.

    Workwear in 100% cotton is perfect for welders, as the cotton reduces the risk of holes occurring in your clothing. Cotton feels soft on the skin and is also easy to breathe through. This guarantees you a robust fabric that also feels comfortable to wear and move in.

    Full safety

    With welding clothing from MASCOT, you can feel safe and focus on your job. You will find products with anti-static, flame retardant and acid-proof properties in accordance with EN ISO 14116 and EN ISO 11612. You will also find welding clothing that protects against light arcs, certified according to IEC 61482-2.

    MASCOT's workwear for welders has fewer pockets and details than many other types of workwear. And that is for your safety. Fewer details means less risk of you getting caught on an object, or of sparks attaching to you. However, we also offer welding clothing for short-term welding with all the required pockets.