Workwear for operators

    Working as an operator places major demands on your workwear and safety footwear, which needs to be very durable, sturdy and comfortable. Producing and maintaining machines, machine parts and production plants requires something extra from your workwear. MASCOT offers a broad range of very durable workwear for operators.

    Highly durable and simple clothing

    Not only does workwear for operators need to be very durable, it also needs to be simple. Features such as straps, external pockets and other additional features are often more of a hindrance than a benefit in your trade. As an operator, your working day typically takes places indoors, which means warm and water-repellent workwear is not required. Simplicity, comfort and freedom of movement are, on the other hand, essential.
    Simple clothing does not mean compromising on comfort or quality. MASCOT's workwear for operators includes work trousers, Bib & Brace, tops etc. in the highest quality. These clothes can easily withstand industrial washing, which is essential for your choice of workwear. MASCOT offers a broad range of workwear for operators, such as work trousers in fabric 442, ideal for industrial work. The fabric is lightweight but durable, and tolerates industrial washing.

    The right safety footwear

    The job of an operator requires the right safety footwear. The footwear must be very durable and ESD-approved. It is also important that the footwear is sturdy and equipped with toe caps, to protect your feet from falling objects. MASCOT's range of safety footwear for operators includes both safety shoes and safety boots.