Smart hi-viz workwear with a focus on functionality and comfort

    The MASCOT® SAFE LIGHT products are thoroughly tested in their various industries before production starts. Our test subjects are users, who every day demand - not just high safety - but also a good fit, smart design and useful functions. And MASCOT® SAFE LIGHT does not just offer you the greatest safety on the market, but also a focus on functionality, comfort and design. In addition, the workwear is also extremely hard-wearing, which extends the safety wear’s lifetime.

    The reflective material in the family is very high quality, it can withstand many and regular washes, and several of the products have been tested with 50 washes - far more than the standard prescribes. The products also have a particularly good ability to retain colour after washing.

    Smart colours

    The MASCOT® SAFE LIGHT products are available in six appealing colour combinations, containing all of the hi-viz colours, yellow, orange and red. You will find new colour combinations in the family, such as fluorescent orange combined with mossy green. The dark contrast colours on the products are placed precisely where the products are most exposed to wear and, not least, dirt - e.g. on the stomach and at the wrists. This is significant in another way, because it means that the fluorescent colour does not get dirty so quickly and loses its fluorescent ability, which plays a part in keeping you safe.

    Best safety on the market

    The MASCOT® SAFE LIGHT products are all approved according the newest safety standard, EN ISO 20471. The products can be found in various safety classes, and if you or your employees need class 3 clothing, you can get it in different ways. You can either choose the family’s winter jacket, which is class 3 in itself. Or you can choose a set of clothes that, when put together, are classified as class 3 by the certification institute. The whole MASCOT range of safety wear with the EN ISO 20471 certification can be combined. There is a simple lettering system that makes it easy to see which products you can combine to e.g. achieve certified class 3 clothing.