T-shirts for women

    MASCOT offers a wide selection of T-shirts for women, where premium quality and optimum comfort are the priority. Our range of T-shirts for women includes both T-shirts with a round neck and a V neck, as well as short and long sleeves. You can wear MASCOT's ladies-fit T-shirts with your workwear trousers or as part of a layered outfit.

    Different materials

    MASCOT's T-shirts for women come in different materials, depending on your needs. T-shirts for women with ProWash® tolerate industrial washing at up to 75 degrees C, and also industrial drying.

    Our assortment also includes T-shirts for women with COOLMAX® - a soft, moisture-resistant and fast-drying material that stays dry, even when you sweat, if worn close to your skin. With a COOLMAX® T-shirt as your inner layer, your skin will never feel damp and you won't get cold. You will also find T-shirts in 100% cotton, which not only feel soft to wear but are also ideal if you work near embers.

    Mix and match different ranges

    MASCOT's T-shirts for women come in many different colours, which you can mix and match with different ranges. Our ladies-fit T-shirts go well with workwear trousers, shorts and skirts.