Work shoes without safety

    At MASCOT, you will not only find safety footwear. You will also find work footwear without toe caps, nail protection and other safety components which can be worn in different working contexts where safety footwear is not a requirement. MASCOT's work footwear enables those who don't need specific safety footwear to find all their workwear in one place. You can put together a whole outfit from top to toe, depending on your exact needs, and choose work footwear as a better alternative to a pair of ordinary trainers.

    Same high quality, just without the safety features

    MASCOT's work footwear is different from MASCOT's other footwear options in that it does not have toe caps, nail protection or other safety components. But the comfort, quality and design are exactly the same as in MASCOT's safety footwear. That's why this footwear is the perfect alternative to ordinary trainers. With MASCOT's work footwear, you won't have to compromise. Our work footwear is similar to ordinary trainers, but has been developed with comfort and tradesmen in mind.

    Streamlined identity at work

    MASCOT's work footwear is ideal for all professions in which ordinary trainers can also be worn. If you want to give your employees a streamlined identity across different roles and departments, then this footwear is the ideal option for employees with no need for safety footwear.