Knitted Jackets

    Are you looking for a comfortable jacket that protects you against the weather, and is snug, but not too warm? At MASCOT, you will find a wide selection of knitted jackets, all of which are manufactured in the best materials to give you ultimate freedom of movement and extraordinary comfort.

    Repel wind and rain – also with knitwear

    A part of MASCOT's knitted jackets are composed of three layers of fabric: The outer layer is knit, the inside is fleece and between the two is a membrane, which result in a jacket that is breathable, windproof and water-repellent. The modern knitted jackets are excellent alternatives to the classic softshell jackets. With these knitted jackets, you also get the freedom of a stretch material that makes the jacket even more flexible.

    Keep warm and dry with multiple layers

    When you dress for a cold work day, it is important to think in layers. Whether you work as a tradesman or within construction or industry, you can find a knitted jacket that fits you. The structure of the surface is different depending on the type of knitting you choose. Knitted jackets are good as the outer layer, as they protect you from the chilly weather. In addition to the comfortable knitted jackets, MASCOT recommends fleece jumpers, sweatshirts, gilets, T-shirts and breathable underwear so you can keep warm and dry throughout the day.

    Functional in any work situation

    All knitted jackets in MASCOT’s assortment are fitted with functional pockets that provide you with easy and safe storage of everything you carry with you. The jackets are also equipped with a high collar so your neck is protected against the wind. Whether you prefer a jacket with a long or a short zipper, you will find a selection of knitted jackets that meet your requirements at MASCOT.