Half Zipped Jumpers

    Sweatshirts, fleece jumpers, knitted jackets, hoodies and polo sweatshirts – at MASCOT, you will find a wide selection of jumpers with half zip of different thicknesses and materials. Jumpers with half zip are a good compromise for the ones who want a closed jumper, but also want to be able to adjust the upper part of the jumper to different temperatures and weather.

    Get the features you know from your work jacket

    You can find jumpers with half zip in many of MASCOT’s popular ranges, which makes it possible for you to match the jumpers with your remaining working clothes. No matter if you want a lightweight fleece jumper to wear under a jacket or you are looking for a thicker, knitted jumper as an alternative to a jacket, you will find many choices in MASCOT’s assortment. If you choose jumpers with half zip as the outer layer, you do not have to compromise on features. At MASCOT, you will find zipped jumpers with chest pockets and sleeve pockets for storage of, for example, pens, mobile phone or flashlight. If you want extra durability, you should choose a jumper with reinforcements. In the assortment, you will also find jumpers with half zip, which have extra high, adjustable collars with reflectors for extra visibility. These are all features that have been selected to provide you with the best comfort.

    Choose the right material

    The material is an important factor for the jumper’s comfort. A number of the MASCOT jumpers with half zip are available in for example innovative knitted materials that are welded together in three layers of fabric: knitting on the outside, a windproof and water-repellent membrane in the middle and fleece on the inside. This makes the jumper both breathable, windproof and water-repellent. If you prefer a more classic jumper, MASCOT also has fleece jumpers, knitted jumpers and cotton jumpers in the assortment. All jumpers with half zip are produced with quality and freedom of movement in mind so you can work without restrictions.