Workwear for gardeners

    As a gardener, you often spend many hours outdoors. This puts unique demands on the quality of your workwear as it means you need protection against the wind and rain – all year round. MASCOT clothes for gardeners are well suited for anyone who wants robust and durable workwear of the highest quality and comfort.

    Move without limits

    Our broad range of clothing items for gardeners includes functional workwear of the highest comfort. Choose between products made of 100% stretch for optimal freedom of movement when working in different postures and positions. Our workwear garments for gardeners are designed with a range of practical pockets, so you will always have easy access to your tools.

    If you work as a landscape gardener or a paver, you should always choose workwear trousers with kneepad pockets so that you have the option to insert kneepad pockets that match your needs.

    Dress for the job – no matter the season

    Landscape gardeners often work outdoors in both the summer and winter. When it gets really cold outside, it is important that you are dressed warmly. You also need to be able to move freely and to carry out your job without overheating or getting soaked in sweat. In other words, you need to be able to eliminate heat via breathable fabrics.

    We recommend dressing in layers in the winter – start with a moisture-wicking layer against your skin, then one or several insulating middle layers so that you can regulate your temperature depending on your activity level, and then on wet or windy days, finish with a wind and waterproof outer layer. Our range of workwear for gardeners includes functional underwear, sweatshirts, winter jackets, winter trousers, Bib & Brace overalls, and other accessories for the winter wardrobe. If you work in a greenhouse and spend your time mostly indoors, then you may want to try some of our many thermal jackets and vests.

    Socks are also an important part of your clothing when the weather turns cold, because if your feet get cold, then the rest of your body will quickly get cold too. Look for socks made from wool or COOLMAX®. Wool insulates and keeps you warm, while COOLMAX® ensures efficient moisture wicking and prevents chilling.

    Optimal protection in all kinds of weather: layer up

    In summer, a pair of work trousers will often be too hot to work in. That is why our selection of workwear items for gardeners also includes both shorts and 3/4-length trousers. One good option is to go for a pair of 3/4-length trousers with kneepad pockets for your kneepads if you often work in a kneeling position.

    Even if it is summer, the weather can still be very changeable. So it is important to have a light jacket on hand to keep you dry. Several of our jackets which are suited to gardeners are therefore both water repellent and waterproof (EN 343).