Workwear for painters

    Kneeling by skirting boards or going up and down ladders. Painters need very durable workwear that will also provide maximum freedom of movement. MASCOT’s workwear products for painters have been thoroughly tested in relation to their functions, freedom of movement and wear resistance to ensure they will always match your needs. Our comprehensive testing principles – which we call TESTED TO WORK – are also your guarantee for products that offer both high quality and long durability.

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    As a painter, it is very important that the workwear you choose is equipped with the right pockets and features. Your workwear needs to be both comfortable and made from a robust and durable material that will keep paint splashes and putty from penetrating through your clothes.

    Ultimate comfort and freedom of movement

    Painting will often require you to contort into a whole range of different positions and involves standing, sitting, kneeling and working above shoulder height. That is why it is essential to choose painters’ trousers, jackers and tops with a good fit – like garments in 100% stretch – so your clothes will naturally follow your body’s movements and give you great freedom of movement.

    Trousers adapted to your working day

    Work becomes easier when your clothes have the right features. That is why all of the practical features that a painter needs have been integrated into the workwear in MASCOT® CUSTOMIZED, for example. You can choose between painters’ trousers with holster pockets and trousers without holster pockets. And if you choose trousers with our unique Click Pocket System, you can even select holster pockets specifically designed for painters which have a strap for your masking tape, among other things. Holster pockets with the Click Pocket System are sold separately.

    Among other things, you will find painters’ trousers with thigh pockets where you can store your most important tools. The pockets have plenty of space for your scraper, sliding rule and your paintbrush.

    As a painter, it is also important that you give your knees optimal protection. That is why we recommend choosing painters’ trousers with kneepad pockets, so you can easily insert a pair of kneepads when you need them. We carry a range of different kneepads, depending on your needs.