MASCOT® FRONTLINE is perfect for anyone who works in service, admin, technical or logistics jobs. This range boasts lightweight, soft and durable workwear with or without stretch and always with plenty of room for movement. The products in the MASCOT® FRONTLINE range have a presentable appearance with many options to choose from in terms of colour and model. A selection of the products are made of ultimate stretch, which gives the user unparalleled freedom of movement. Simply put, MASCOT® FRONTLINE offers you clothing that feels good to wear and leaves you looking neat and presentable throughout your entire working day.

    High-profile company workwear

    Corporate wear products in the MASCOT® FRONTLINE range consist of trousers and skirts in ultimate stretch. These corporate wear products are perfect for anyone in service or admin roles with a need for lightweight and formal clothing that is designed to stay looking neat and presentable all day long. The trousers and skirts are perfect for mixing and matching with other MASCOT products (e.g. MASCOT® CROSSOVER) to create presentable outfits with a professional look. This allows you to create a high-profile company image across a wide range of different roles.

    Workwear with a women's fit

    The MASCOT® FRONTLINE range includes trousers and skirts with fits that are designed especially for women. You can choose between our DIAMOND and PEARL fits, allowing you to ensure that your outfit always sits comfortably and works for you. The products for women in ULTIMATE STRETCH have a low weight and high wear-resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of different job types. Or alternatively, if you are looking for a garment with more features, MASCOT's assortment also includes stretch and non-stretch trousers with kneepad pockets, jackets and other tops all in fits that are designed especially for women.