MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLASSIC offers traditional safety footwear with good shock absorption. Footwear in this collection is well-suited for many different tasks and occupations within light construction and trade as they can be worn both outdoors and inside.

    Comfort and optimum protection for your feet

    Safety footwear in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLASSIC collection has an impact-absorbing midsole which makes the footwear exceptionally comfortable to walk around in and prevents repeated impact shocks from travelling up into your back while walking. The feet are also protected against sharp and pointed objects thanks to the flexible textile nail protection, among other things. At the same time, toe caps provide protection against falling objects.

    A good, classic choice

    Opt for MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLASSIC if you want safety shoes that are classic in appearance, with a natural look and a focus on details which ensure safety. All footwear in this collection is certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345.

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLASSIC is a safe and classic choice if you want a good quality safety shoe or boot with a whole host of great features for the best possible protection of your feet.