MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT is your guarantee for safety footwear with an optimal fit. The front part of the shoe offers plenty of space for the forefoot and toes, giving you great freedom of movement. Shoes in this collection also give good support to the back of the foot, making it easier to stand on uneven surfaces and avoid twisting your ankles. Unlike traditional, heavy safety footwear, shoes in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT collection are lightweight, so you can feel light on your feet throughout the entire working day. Tradesmen and industry workers will be all too familiar with long working days that entail lots of walking and standing around. In order to take the pressure off your joints, shoes in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT collection are shock-absorbing and therefore good for your knees and lower back in the long term. The shoes are also flexible, allowing them to follow the natural movements of your feet.

    It is not just comfort that is placed in focus with MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT – safety is also a top priority! The shoes in this collection have composite toe caps that protect your toes in case you drop something heavy on them. The shoes are equipped with textile midsoles, so you are also protected against protruding objects on the ground. The fact that the toe caps and midsoles are made from composite and textiles means that they do not conduct heat or cold, as they are completely free of metals. This means your feet will not get too warm or too cold. If you work in warm surroundings, then shoes from the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT collection are particularly suitable for you. Their soles are made from PU/PU, which is heat resistant up to 140 degrees and also oil and petrol resistant. The shoes are ESD approved so you don't have to worry about electrostatic charges and can rest assured that controlled static electricity will be led away from the body. This means you can also avoid causing damage to sensitive electronic components. The soles on shoes in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT collection are slip resistant with SRC certification and they have ladder grip, so you can always stand firmly when you need to the most – both on smooth surfaces and when climbing ladders. The sole is also non-marking, so you won't have to worry about leaving marks on newly laid floors or other surfaces.

    If you work somewhere that puts you at risk of getting wet feet, then you can also choose shoes from the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FITcollection that are water-repellent in accordance with the applicable standard. Look for the S3 mark which indicates water-repellent safety footwear. If you kneel down a lot in your work and want extra reinforcement for your shoes, then choose shoes from the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FIT collection that have TPU toe reinforcement. This toe reinforcement is an extra protective layer at the front part of the shoes which absorbs the worst wear and considerably extends the lifetime of your shoes.