MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON is footwear for the quality-conscious tradesperson. Thanks to their low weight, flexible and shock-absorbing soles and carbon fibre toe caps, you get comfortable footwear all day, every day.

    The range includes safety footwear which boasts multiple different innovative features. Choose between laced shoes for footwear that is 100% metal free, or shoes with a BOA® Fit System for quick and secure fastening which will ensure that your shoes sit firmly and securely around your feet.

    Innovative materials for improved comfort

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON is a safety footwear collection aimed at trade and light construction, light industry and logistics. The collection boasts footwear in different sole materials – all made with exceptional walking comfort in focus. Some models have a moulded sole made from XL EXTRALIGHT® EVA while others feature moulded soles in EVA. No matter which sole type you opt for, you will be guaranteed footwear that is both lightweight and impact absorbing.

    Both the XL EXTRALIGHT® EVA and EVA soles make your safety footwear extremely impact absorbing and comfortable to wear. Every time you take a step, the sole absorbs the surface impact that would otherwise normally spread and lead to soreness and fatigue in your legs, back and body. The soles therefore help reduce that tired-leg feeling you get after a long day of work.

    Carbon fibre toe caps for high protection

    To reduce the weight of the shoes, boots and sandals in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON collection, the toe caps are made from carbon fibre. This is a very light and exceptionally tough material, which makes the toe caps resistant to both impact and pressure. In addition, the carbon fibre toe caps are also metal free and conduct neither heat nor cold.

    Flexible MASCOLAYER® nail protection for ultimate safety

    MASCOLAYER® nail protection is a textile midsole which guarantees protection against nails and sharp objects beneath your feet. This type of nail protection is extremely flexible, soft and lightweight so as not to compromise on the comfort of your footwear. The primary advantages of MASCOLAYER® nail protection are that the footwear remains more flexible and provides great protection against cold and heat, boosting overall comfort for the user.

    Ultralight System – even lighter weight

    Selected models in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON collection are refined versions of the first models in the collection, now even lighter than before. These models still come with carbon fibre toe caps, high shock absorption and MASCOLAYER® nail protection, but also feature fully moulded EVA soles and a breathable lining.